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    Welcome to my showcase of design ideas and inspiration for custom home décor, flattering window treatments and other soft furnishings. I have been blessed by being invited into many beautiful homes and meeting the nicest people. I am among the fortunate few who truly enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding profession. Thank you for looking at my work.

cornice with stationary panels

Here we have a living room and a dining room side by side with the living room being very spacious with lots of windows and light and the dining room long and narrow.  We designed a shaped cornice, just to give it a little more interest, and added contrasting solid stationary drapery panels in the living room to fill in the space.  The draperies were tied back to reveal the lovely backyard.  With less room in the dining room the same shaped cornice was created and piping was used from the same contrast fabric in the living room to define the cornice tying both rooms together.

cornice board



A Priscilla drape is a gorgeous vintage style.  Often using two separate drapery rods, one for the back drape and the second for the front drape.  They are both the same width along the top edge and are each tied back separately one to the right and the other to the left.  Making them out of a sheer fabric allows you to peek thru and see the shadows of the layers.  They are rich, soft, full and serene.

These antique lace panels look beautiful as Priscilla drapes.  We were able to hang these drapes using only one rod and attaching each panel onto the rings.  Gathering tape was used to gather up these Priscillas keeping them full and gorgeous.  Vertical blinds are used for sun control and privacy when needed.


flat valance with jabots

A monochromatic theme makes for a classic dining room. Here we chose a flat valance with jabots to frame this window.  The side jabots are longer helping to frame the window and add elegance to the room.  In the center of the window treatment we added another short jabot for two reasons.  First to hide the seam that is in the center of the treatment and second to break-up the long valance giving visual interest and dimension.



  • LindaJune 16, 2017 - 1:03 pm

    I love your ideas – I have a sun room with over 13 windows and I have been looking for ideas – Do you post the directions for all your valances? the sun room one I can not find

  • Susan DorbeckJune 22, 2017 - 5:43 pm

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for visiting my website and for your lovely comments. Unfortunately I do not have any instructions for these valances however it is pretty simple to make. Find yourself a pattern for some swags and jabots and use just the jabot pattern and add it to a flat valance to give you this look. This is a great site to find patterns to get you started.


Sheffield valance

This dinette window needed some tender loving care.  There wasn’t much room to hang anything too heavy looking above the window since there was only inches to spare.  This contemporary floral was just the ticket.  A creamy background kept the Sheffield valance light, the blues and greens added pattern and color and the jabots came down to the mid way mark to frame the beautiful backyard.  This is a board mounted Sheffield valance hung right at the soffit for a clutter free look.

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