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    Welcome to my showcase of design ideas and inspiration for custom home décor, flattering window treatments and other soft furnishings. I have been blessed by being invited into many beautiful homes and meeting the nicest people. I am among the fortunate few who truly enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding profession. Thank you for looking at my work.

Transoms pretty and purposeful.

Drapery Panels

Transom windows are an architectural term for a window that sits atop a door or another window. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but are commonly known to have a fan shape. In most cases transoms are strictly decorative and often use a leaded pattern glass, for visual interest. However, transoms are not only pretty but purposeful. They not only add architectural appeal, but help to add light to a room as well. The tricky part comes with how to treat transoms with window coverings. The best solution is usually the simplest. As not to distract from the beauty of these windows, a short decorative rod hangs at each side. Drapery panels  shirred on the rod are made from a fabric color that compliments the rooms color palette, blending seamlessly into the wall. The drapery panels are then tied back with beautiful cording and trimmed with a tassel accent. This simple yet elegant approach to covering the transom windows allows the window to make the visual statement in this room.

Punch to your rooms personality.

Pinch pleated valance

You can overwhelm a small room with too much color and pattern. That doesn’t mean that you just need to use neutrals, in a small room, you just have to carefully plan your choice. Muted colors make a small room feel smaller, so when choosing a vibrant color use it only as accent in the room. This colorful striped fabric is a cheerful additional to this laundry room. To help balance the room, the creamy yellow wall color softens the the bold colors in the stripe. The red used in the stripe is repeated in the room with the accent pieces and the appliances. This pinch pleated valance has just enough detail to create visual interest, but not too much that it competes with the bold fabric. The scalloped edge helps to break up the horizontal lines of the 2″ blinds and the vertical lines of the stripes. Fabrics that burst with color may not be suitable for every room in your home but they can add just the right amount of punch to your rooms personality.

Cornice Cover Up

DSCN2384 Edited

Fabric cornices and valances can turn a ordinary window treatment into a spectacular element in your rooms decor. The current window treatment trend today is to simply hang drapery panels on each side of the window. Although this look is both beautiful and simple to achieve it often lacks personality, by adding a custom, padded cornice you take a window from beautiful to wow! Another hidden advantage is that the cornice helps to hide the unsightly top of the functional window treatments, especially when the 2″ horizontal blinds are pulled completely up. Without the cornice helping to hide the fact, these blinds when pulled completely up stack to be about eight inches tall, not the most visually appealing. The shape of a cornices edge can be squared off, have a curved bottom edge either convex or concave, use a combination of curved and square edges, have decorative corners, be trimmed in a variety of options, in other words the shape of cornices is endless. Combine a limitless shape with a never ending fabric selection and you have a creative design element for your window treatment, a cornice that is truly extraordinary.

Maximum style. Minimal work.

DSCN2390 Edited

A minimalist approach to decorating is perfectly suited for a bedroom. Clutter is a huge source of stress, removing clutter from your bedroom creates a stress free environment and a peaceful retreat. This bedroom has maximum style and can be achieved with minimal work. Start with a neutral, solid, quilted bedspread and shams. Add just a few accent pillows in flanking pairs, with one long rectangular pillow in front, and you have just the right amount of symmetry and balance, key to a minimal approach. Tailored grommet top drapery panels flank each side of the window creating just enough softness. By using the colorful floral pattern minimally in the room, on just the drapery panels and the back pillow shams, you add just enough punch of color without overpowering the room. The bed is complete with a solid purple foot covering, that breaks the neutral mass of the bedspread. This look can easily be achieved with the use of a textured throw or a beautiful thin blanket. Be careful not to overdress the bed keep the amount of pillows to a select few. Good minimalist decorating is anything but boring, with just the right amount of interesting details it can be the decorating solution you have been dreaming of.

An elevated corner approach.

Corner windo with drapery panel and swag

Tall windows need not be intimidating when deciding on that perfect window treatment. Consider an elevated approach to your window design, bringing your eye up into the room and accenting the architectural aspect of the windows. Most windows used in tall ceiling rooms have a top portion and a lower portion, or some structural division between the top and bottom of the window. Often, the lower portion of the window is the only section which would require a functional window treatment, like these Silhouette shades, allowing privacy and light control. The upper portion is usually left open, as there is no need for privacy that high, and it allows the natural light to shine in.

DSCN2235 Edited A floral drapery panel hangs from the top of the window in just the corner, this softens the hard architectural edge of the windows and visually creates one window from two separate windows. The panel is strategically gathered at the division between the upper and lower window. A covered board in an accent fabric allows a swag to be attached with covered buttons. The french pick up swag is lined and corded with the same solid fabric used on the buttons. By wrapping the swag from one window to the next, you soften the turn. By mixing a floral, a small print and solid fabric, of the same hues,  you create a cohesive window treatment that has great visual impact. So don’t let those tall corner windows overwhelm you, by following these simple cues, you can take your windows to new heights.

DSCN2240 Edited

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